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2020 Stock Market Predictions: Please Stop Trusting Them

Yes, those who have invested in Apple, Microsoft and Amazon stocks will get a lot richer this year. But then that’s not a prediction – that’s an inevitability. What predictions really are is personal opinions under the shade of “expert insights” and “analysis”. And it’s time that stock investors and traders stop blindly trusting them. After all, how many times do you have to see these predictions fall flat to averse them when strategy-making? How many predictions did you read in 2017, 2018 and 2019 that didn’t really turn up right?

Moreover, how does the fundamental of the game is let go that the stock market is really unpredictable? With so many factors deeply tangled, influencing the market by minutes, anticipating the trends – even when you’re a market maven and know which technical indicator is the most accurate – is almost impossible.

For example, few anticipated the stock market meltdown in 2018 when BSE and NSE fell sharply. Or, the very latest, few pundits could have predicted the escalated tension in the Middle-East following the US attack on Iran official, which has resulted in BSE plummeting 789.98 points, leading to a collective loss of over INR 3.36 lakh crore for the investors.

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Events that directly or indirectly influence the stock market are not possible to foretell. So, a very large part of 2020 stock market predictions that are likely in your feeds now is quite unreliable at the micro-levels. Now, this isn’t to suggest that you shouldn’t read them altogether to create a forecast in your own analysis. However, the key is to not whole-heartedly trust them in decision-making and when outlining your specific plans.

In addition, even if the prediction is unkind and doomsday-like, it might not necessarily be very bad news for you depending on your existing portfolio and investment/trading goals. The forecasts, after all, overlook so many small factors and nuances that they unfit many investors and traders whose needs, goals and requirements are very unique.

So, do consume the 2020 stock market predictions to have an idea of what might happen. But don’t trust them blindly; don’t base your short and long-term strategy on them. The best investors and traders are the ones who play the game keeping in mind with how things are “now”. They are not in the business of predictions and what may happen “tomorrow”. They try to maximize the returns from existing trends – and they do this every day. Be like them. Make decisions based on the reality of today and not the anticipation of tomorrow. It is one of the things you will learn in good stock market courses – how to make the most of current opportunities. If you’re a beginner, enroll yourself in one of these programs and add to your skills more proficiency.

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