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3 Signs You Can Make More Money From Your Trades

One of the biggest differences between the new and successful traders is that the latter makes the most of every opportunity.

Yes, that last trade you made was profitable. BUT what if you could have made an even bigger profit from it!

So many traders leave a lot of money on the table largely due to their unplanned, immature decisions.

Are you one of them?

Here are 3 signs you can actually make more money from your trades (but you aren’t):

1. You make hasty decisions

And you usually do this because your friend informed or advised you and now you’re in Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Or, you read a news article online and fell for FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

Unless you back it up with a thorough analysis, your immature decision would usually turn up to be a bad move.

So, if you’re making hasty decisions, even if they end up to be in favor, there’s a good chance that you’re not squeezing the most profit.

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2. You don’t have a trading plan

Needless to say, a trading plan is essential. However, interestingly, so many traders do not have one. Do you?

When you have a long-term trading plan, it navigates you in the right direction. It helps you make the right, well-informed, highly calculative moves. This usually ensures you’re timing your trades as efficiently as possible, unlocking as much return as you can.

3. You’re not good at technical analysis

You’ve got to be a good stock trader to maximize your profit. This is quite straightforward. So, if you aren’t, you are likely leaving a lot of money to the table.

Today, you can find many stock trading courses online. Enroll yourself in one.

The good share trading courses will take you through intensive training, arming you with the right technical knowledge and tools to effectively analyze the market and make better trades.


These are three signs that you can actually make more profit from each of your trades.

So, no more leaving money to the table. Invest in yourself, improve as a stock trader and enjoy higher return from your trades.

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