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5 Big Regrets Of Successful Stock Traders

They are successful. They have built massive wealth. You would think they won’t have regrets. But, in reality, many of the profitable stock traders regret plenty of things – the way they started in the game, the decisions they made, the things that they didn’t do and mistakes they made.

Of course, each one of them has their own individual experiences. But they do share some of these common disappointments. And out of such common regrets can the new stock traders extract massive lessons to set their own-self in the right direction.

Here are five big regrets of successful stock traders that you should take notes from:

1. Not having a proper plan in the beginning

This is a big mistake many new stock traders – and it’s the same that many successful names fell for in the beginning. When you go beyond the perception that it’s all about buying low and selling high, the need for a thorough plan becomes evident.

If you don’t have a proper plan with several milestones on the way to measure your progress, no matter what trades you make and how much money you make, you will always end up lost. And when you’re lost, you will fail to build a high-value portfolio.

2. Not caring about their health

Success doesn’t have to come at a cost of health. Sadly, many of the top traders, when new in the market, didn’t care much about their health. And they later regret that.

Success doesn’t have to come at a cost of health. Sadly, many of the top traders, when new in the market, didn’t care much about their health. And they later regret that.

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3. Not spending enough time with the family

The journey to build a solid portfolio demands hard work. In that quest, many traders sacrifice their family time. They spend more time in front of their computer screen than with their kids, parents, and spouse. And the now-successful traders regret this.

Save yourself from this imminent regret. Have a well-defined routine for yourself. Allot enough time to your family. Hang out with your kids more. Take full-day off on the weekends to be with your spouse. Don’t get too busy that it comes to wreck your personal relationships.

4. Not opting for formal training

Self-learning helps when you know what you have to learn in the first place. Moreover, it demands patience on your end to make substantial progress.

On the other hand, if you opt for relevant and best online stock trading courses in India, not only will you stay on the right track, you will also speed up the whole learning process. Not enrolling in options trading course India remains a big regret of many of today’s successful stock traders. This would have saved them so many wrong decisions and losses.

5. Quitting their day-job very soon

Knowing when to leave your desk job to take up stock trading as full-time is crucial. However, there’s no definite rule for that “when”. And in mix of that blur, many traders make the wrong decision of quitting their job immaturely.

If you’re thinking of making that transition, it’s important that you give it a serious thought and not act impulsively. You must factor the impact that this could have on you financially and emotionally, as well as on your family. You must also undertake other factors, including economic trends.

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These are some of the regrets of successful stock traders. While their portfolio is an inspiration in itself for others, their experiences, too, pack plenty of values and lessons. Take notes from their regrets. Don’t walk the same path. Learn and get better.

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