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5 Everyday Trading Mantras For Every New Trader

Believe it or not, trading is a game not happening on stock market but rather in individuals’ mind. You win and lose with how your mind reacts to the price movement. So if you want to turn trends in your favors, you must affirm your brain the right way with the right hymns.

Here are 5 everyday trading mantras that new traders must hold close to their hearts-

“Have patience— even when the market demands otherwise”

As boring as it may have already become to you but here’s the redundant fact— having patience is a key behind successful trading. So if you want to make more money, you’ve got to have patience and persistence. The market will test this from time to time, providing you the opportunities to be either a big success or a mediocre trader.

“Be open to small losses”

The journey to the top is never smooth. On the trading scene, if you want a high-rewarding portfolio, you will very definitely experience small losses. And this is exactly what new traders must reaffirm every day. Small losses are a part of big gains. So you must be open to such minor losses in order to prepare yourself for the big things ahead.

“My money must be protected well”

While traders must open to losses, the losses themselves must be well calculated and small in nature. The base amount – your initial investment – must be protected all the time. And for this, you would need a risk management strategy. Plus, you must also be smart when setting stop-loss and take-profit positions.

“Trust technical analysis—it’s never wrong”

Why do you think so many people spend so much of their money on best RSI courses to learn technical analysis online? Because, in return, they get much more than that!  TA has been making a success out of every trader, for decades, who trusts it. So trust your analysis; know, if it’s done correctly, it will deliver you good result. If you aren’t proficient in this technical end, take up a good power trading course today.

“Expect a lot of fake news in the market even today”

The stock market is swarmed with fake news every day. These “news” are well measured and planted by the whales to fool the new traders and make more profit. As a new trader, it’s essential that you spot such fake news and not pay heed to them. At times, doing this would be difficult. It would all depend on which news sources do you rely on and trust the most. (Tip: choose the right mobile stock trading app)

These are 5 mantras that new traders must reaffirm to themselves every day. Just hold these close to your heart and see your portfolio change for good in the coming days.


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