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5 Misconceptions About Online Trading Courses (That You Might Have)

Admittedly, the skepticism around online programs still exists. Even when the online trading courses have paved way to so many high-earning market players, they are still many beginners who wonder if that’s the right way. If you’re in the same boat, here are the five misconceptions about online stock trading courses that you may have, along with what’s really the reality:

1. They would waste your time and money

Some of today’s online trading courses are thoroughly designed, packing intensive curriculum to keep you engaged through interactive resources. This has improved their retention value. Moreover, they are more engaging than before when you would have to read endless lines of texts in the name of learning. Now, you get videos, cool infographics, and charts, as well as interesting applications.

So, they are far from a waste of time and money. The time you spend going through the courses adds to your knowledge and skills. And when you’re learning, you’re likely getting a good return from your money investment.

2. They would help you become a million-dollar stock trader

In the hype of how great online education is today, let’s not be naïve to address the negatives. So many online trading courses are pushed and sold with false claims and promises. If you believe any of them would help you make a million dollar-worth portfolio – quickly, at that – you’re in a big surprise.

No matter how incredible and fool-proof a share market trading course is, you cannot expect to build a fortune on its back. The path to becoming a successful stock trader is long and packs countless trials-errors. Moreover, after a point, when it comes to optimizing your strategies for a better return, the theories would help you less; you would have to deploy your personal trading experience and intuition.

3. They are costly (or cheap)

When it comes to the cost of online trading courses, the reality is split. You will find many programs that are very expensive to the extent that a beginner virtually cannot afford it. And then there are also cheap courses that are usually met with skepticism of the masses for the alleged poor quality it might be of.

When you’re looking for a good share market trading course, you will find many under different price ranges. So, depending on your budget, as well as needs and goals, you will have to choose one that suits you. There’s no such thing as costly or cheap here; you will find programs with different price tags.

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4. There’s a lack of direct interaction with the instructor and students

At least today, this is very incorrect. Many of the top trainers now, offering superior quality online trading courses, go out of their way to interact with their students one-on-one. You can connect to them through course dashboard. Or you can simply send them an email. If you’re a high-paying student, you can even call them directly.

Moreover, these courses also come with several private groups where you get to interact and work with other students and stock traders.

Of course, not every online program offers this. So, if interacting with the instructor and other students is a big factor for you, pick one such course that facilitates this.

5. You won’t learn as much

Again, this is untrue. In fact, with what the recent reports suggest, online learning is more effective than the traditional way. There’s a reason why this industry is growing at such a fast pace. Students can access the videos, charts and other resources all the time. Plus, they can take the course per their convenience, in times that suit them, which then improves their productivity.

Besides, no matter online or in-class, you will only learn as much as you’re committed to it. If you’re not making any effort, even when you have the best stock market trainer spoon-feeding you everything, you will fail to learn. But if you’re committed and honest in your efforts, even with limited resources, you can seamlessly boost your trading skills.


These are five misconceptions that so many new stock traders carry in their heads – misconceptions that you may have too.

Indeed, all said, it doesn’t mean that online stock trading courses are the greatest things and that you should rush to enroll in one. There are so many different factors that must go into that decision-making. For instance, for one person, online course could be a complete game-changer; for the other, such programs might not bring as much value.

So, while stock trading courses online are great, there are various factors you must consider before signing up for one.

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