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5 Signs You Need a Break From Stock Trading

Kept aside the wins/losses and the hard work involved in stock market courses for beginners and pros, stock trading is quite fun.

The thrill of identifying new trends and making trades is unmatched.

There’s a reason why so many traders get hooked to the game – not necessarily for “more money” but for that thrill.

Of course, this is all good and acceptable… until once past the threshold level where it becomes unhealthy.

Unnecessarily staking your money, going through the emotional rollercoaster, spending a large part of your days in front of the computer screen and completely overlooking your well-being – it’s an unhealthy pattern that demands you to change your lifestyle.

Here are five signs that you need a break from stock trading:

1. You’re consistently losing money:

If you’re constantly getting your trades wrong, there’s definitely something wrong there. Either your trading strategy is bad or you aren’t in the right mental position to make better calls. Often, it is the latter; you’re overstressed that’s hurting your skills, proficiency, and productivity. So, if you’re making losing trades over and again, it’s the biggest tell-tale that you need to stay away from the game to relax and refresh your mind.

2. You’re living a sedentary life:

You don’t indulge in physical activities. You barely even walk. All your time is spent on your chair, in front of the computer screen. A sedentary lifestyle leads to many physical and psychological effects, contributing to the risk factors for anxiety, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and more.

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3. You’re experiencing physical ailments:

There’s pain in your back. Your neck is all messed up. And you can’t sit, walk and sleep comfortably without experience some pain in your muscles. Clearly, if you’re experiencing such physical ailments, you need to take immediate steps to fix these problems.

4. You feel tired and sleepy most of the time:

Fatigue and sleepiness need to be taken seriously. They could be the early symptoms of serious health issues. If you feel out of energy all the time, if you’re tired without even doing anything, and if you’re having trouble getting proper sleep – these are the signs that you need to take seriously.

5. You’re just not “feeling” healthy:

If you aren’t well, you would know about it intuitively. You would sense that there’s something off with your health. You won’t feel fit and yourself. So, if deep within you think you aren’t in health that you should be in (or want to be in), you couldn’t get any clearer sign. Take it seriously and take proper measures.


These are some of the signs that must trigger health concerns for you – signs that you now need a break from stock trading.

It’s good that you want to become the best stock trader, go through all the online trading courses and build a high-worth portfolio. But your goals and aspirations should never come at the cost of your health.

So, take a break. Shut down your computer for a few weeks and go on a vacation. Enjoy some off-time to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Upon returning, re-think your trading style. Cultivate healthy habits that save you from burnout.

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