5 TED Talks That Every (New) Trader Must Watch

First, to give you a gist of what it is….

TED is an annually held conference that includes leaders from across the spectrum to share their ideas, views, and experience. Started back in 1984, TED talks – that are available online for free – center on a simple notion of “Ideas Worth Sharing”.

“TED looks for engaging, charismatic speakers whose talks expose new ideas that are supported by concrete evidence and are relevant to a broad, international audience,” explains its website.

For long, TED talks have been a gold mine for traders across the world. Some of the most renowned experts have graced the center stage, sharing their own piece of advice, covering an array of important topics – right from risk management to psychology to success – that could benefit a trader seamlessly.

So if you’ve just found your love for the market and still walking down the learning curve, you should definitely watch these TED talks. Here are 5 of them that you should go for first:

1. Have a winner’s mindset that doesn’t focus on result

Your trading success largely depends on how you have conditioned your mind. You need to cultivate a mindset that of a winner who focuses not on the end result but consistent progress.

This TED talk by Eduardo Briceno on “The Power of Belief—Mindset and Success” will help you better shape your mind to embrace failure as a stepping stone to progress and eventually succeed.


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2. Understand why we make bad decision to prevent making one

Even when with the best of trading strategies, you’re going to make some mistakes. This is true especially for the new traders who lack the necessary patience. In a series of rapid decisions, few will miss to hit the chords perfectly.


This TED talk by Dan Gilbert on “Why We Make Bad Decisions” will pinpoint the exact reason why. The speaker reasons errors in assessing odds among others behind the misstep. Once you understand the core reason for the flaw, you could then go on to correct it.


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3. Tackle trading stress like a pro

Needless to say, trading is very stressful. And if you’re doing this for a living – and that, without an expert by your side – it’s even more taxing; you’ve got to care about so many things, like risks, returns, charts, news, and more.

This TED Talk by Kelly McGoningal on “How to make stress your friend” debunks the belief that stress is bad for you, reinstating that this emotion could be used positively. You will learn to contain your stress and then use it to make better decisions.


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4. Don’t be a victim of paralysis by analysis

There are just so many things to choose from, so many options to think over. If you’re trying to be perfect in your decision, you’ll likely fall victim to analysis paralysis; and then eventually fail.

This TED talk by Barry Schwartz on “The Paradox of Choice” highlights the problems of having so many options. And how one can clutter through the crowd to simplify the trading field to make better and quicker decisions.


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5. Success in trading isn’t a destination (the journey continues)

Traders work very hard to get to the top. And once they are there, reluctant and cozied, they stop working hard and eventually fall back right where they started. This is a common instance that shows how success brings disinclination towards consistency in hard work.

This TED talk by Richard St. John on “Success is Continuous Journey” talks about how success should be maintained and groomed—how one must NOT stop working hard once she/he has reached the pinnacle.


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Find answers to your problems – find inspirations in these TED videos. Once done, go and be a better trader.

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