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6 Expert Tips to Make Stock Trading a Full-Time Business

If trading is your hobby, it is a first tell-tale sign that you won’t be enjoying higher returns. Period. Because regardless what people say, one doesn’t make money off hobbies, they make money from a business.

So to set a solid ground work for a high-rewarding portfolio, the first task you must take-up is to treat trading as a business. That’s how a success trader is made.

Good thing is trading business is easy. Bad thing is it isn’t that easier either. You must make proactive attempts to see your trades as a component that can make or break your business—and not just a one-time instance where you take individual losses with that ‘I-will-make-more-money-in-the-next-trade’ mindset.

Here are 6 expert tips that will help you make stock trading a full-time (and sustainable) business:

  1. Make it feel like a business

The first thing you need to do is to make trading feel like a business. Meaning, you need a nice, clean and professional working environment. Because you can’t do business lying on the couch, eating popcorn; can you?

So setup a nice home office. It doesn’t have to a corporate-type with extravagant decoration. Just have a nice space where there are fewer distractions and you can concentrate on your work easily.

  1. Have a risk management strategy

When you’re trading in the highly volatile market, you must know how to tame the involved risks and optimize your returns. So it is imperative that you have a well-defined risk management strategy.

This isn’t as daunting as it sounds. For the starters, stop acting emotionally, have take-profit and stop-loss positions and measure risk reward ratio.

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  1. Consistency is the key

Have you ever seen a business inconsistent in its operation, working for few days and then taking a long haul? Of course, not! So while your hobby might be dependent on your every mood, trading business shouldn’t.

Whatever you do, you must be consistent here. Get rid of the myth that trading full time is easy. It’s not! You’re going to have to work very hard. And you will have to do that very consistently.

  1. You need more people

Even in sole proprietorship, business owners have associates and partners who help them in their endeavors. They are never truly alone because they can’t really do everything all by themselves.

So even in trading business, you need qualified people by your side. A reliable consultant can help you seamlessly, turning new trends into opportunities and risks into returns.

  1. Never stop learning

Now it’s not a hobby anymore. It’s not your pass-time affair. Your (and your family’s) livelihood depends on trading. So you must attempt to be the best trader with unparalleled skills. How you do this?

By continuing to learn! The more you learn, the better you get. So take up trading books, watch TED Talks on trading, and engage with industry leaders.

  1. Keep ‘PLAN B’ close (but away)

Yes, everything is going to be as planned. You’re going to succeed. And big returns will follow your hard work and consistency. However, what if…

Having a ‘Plan B’ never hurts. In case, if anything goes wrong, it will cushion your fall and give you a hand to get back on your feet. Every type of business should have a backup plan.

These are 6 expert tips to make stock trading a full-time business for yourself that delivers you high rewards and sustains in a long-run.

Of course, executing these won’t be easier. The transition from hobby to business will be difficult. So keep pushing with the right approach and eventually you will get right where you want to.

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