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A Health Guide For All The Serious Stock Traders

FROM reading those charts TO learning from a technical analysis course online – there are so many things that have you hooked to your desk for long stretches. You’re now a “chair potato”.

But here’s a thing: While this may not necessarily be at the top of your priority list with all the excitement of making another trade, your health is the most important thing.

Health is not wealth. Health is more important than wealth.

In fact, even you know how inadequately healthy you are – how your passion for stock trading has taken a toll on you.
This might not concern you but it should.

Stock traders spend hours sitting in front of their computer screens every day. And not just that! They spend that time in a lot of stress.

No more is it a secret now just how negative a sedentary lifestyle is for our body and brain. From increasing the risk factors of cardiovascular disease and cancer to causing depression and unhappiness – it has an abundance of effects. And, since living a sedentary life, most of the stock traders are exposed to all these risks.

If not more, take care of your health just as much as you do about your portfolio.

Here are six health tips for serious stock traders:

1. Understand the problems and risks

You will never know the right solution unless you’re fully aware of the problem. This is why, before making any changes to your lifestyle, you must know exactly why (and how urgently) those changes must be made.

Are you getting obese? Are you at risk of heart disease? Do you fall sick often? Are you in bad shape?

Do you feel tired, stressed and depressed all the time? Are you struggling with a bad mood all the time? Are you less productive than ever now?

Identify the problem. Know why it’s essential for you to get yourself together and focus on health.

2. Start doing something you enjoy

Yoga is very good – but you don’t like it. No problem!

Swimming will not only keep you physically fit but also leave you refreshed – but you don’t like it. No problem there too.

What physical activity do you actually like? Answer that and then start doing it.

There are many things that are incredibly good for our health. If you ask a boxer, they should suggest shadow boxing. If you ask a runner, they would say running. If you ask a bodybuilder, they would say weightlifting.

This doesn’t mean you have to do everything.

The key is to pick a physical activity that you enjoy. That would be much more beneficial for you than doing something just because someone recommended you that.

So, what do you like? What physically demanding hobby do you prefer? Cycling? MMA? Walking? Basketball? Football? Find out and stick to that.

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3. Don’t you meditate already?

There are just too many direct and indirect benefits of meditation. And you’ve likely heard of them countless times.

But to put it in a succinct way, among many, meditation reduces stress, boosts emotional health, controls anxiety, enhances memory, and minimizes the risk factors of many diseases.

So, if you don’t already, start meditating.

This would be one of those things that would change your whole life.

4. Build a home gym

Signing up to your local gym should be the preferred option here. But we know you wouldn’t do that, would you?

So, the next best option is to build for yourself a small home gym.

This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant that’s expensive or takes a lot of space. Basic equipment is more than enough.

Shop around online for dumbbells, kettle-bell, medicine ball, resistance bands, jump rope and few other items that you think would suit your fitness regimen.

Then, every day, take out some time to work out at your home gym.

5. Create a thoughtful diet

You’re not moving enough already. Adding to that woe is your poor diet, which is making your health worse.

Remember, good health isn’t achieved while working out – it’s achieved in the kitchen.

So, audit your diet and make the necessary changes.

In particular, be perceptive of the calories you intake and burn every day, eat more of protein-rich foods, control your love for junk food, minimize your sugar consumption, and get healthy fat in an adequate amount.

Of course, if your existing diet seems too unhealthy, don’t make any drastic changes. You will only make the process much difficult for yourself psychologically. Instead, make progressive changes.

6. Go on a small vacation every three months

Yes, please, take some time off. Get away from your desk and computer screen – and go on a small vacation every once in a while.

Such small breaks can be game-changing for you. They would provide you the psychological relief, allowing you to detach from the regular life, recuperate and get in a peak form.

When you’re back from the vacation, you will be much more productive, self-aware, creative, consistent, and strategic. And this will help you make better decisions, enabling you with more profitable trades.

So, make it a point to take mini-vacations every three months at least. It doesn’t matter where you’re going as long you’re going away from your computer screen.


These are six essential health tips for the serious stock traders who sit in front of their computer screen for hours every day and live a sedentary lifestyle.

The high-worth portfolio you’re building would be rendered to nothing if you aren’t in good health. So, before the rope slips by your hand, get serious and take control of your health. Start focusing on how you’re feeling physically and psychologically. And then make necessary changes to feel better, healthier, and happier.

So many stock traders, busy taking share market courses, reading charts, and making money, neglect their health – only to regret later. Don’t be one of them!

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