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About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

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About ProRSI

We just don’t teach Technical Analysis  – We make Traders

Started over a decade back in the year 2010, ProRSI under the mentorship of Mr Bharat Jhunjhunwala brings the financial education available globally, to India. At ProRSI we have always believed in the power of financial education to transform lives.

With traders & investors having experienced our unique hands-on education across the country. Our courses cover a spectrum of trading styles and asset classes. One can learn Short Term Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading, in stocks, options, futures and currencies.

Our courses cover a spectrum of trading styles and asset classes. What’s more, is that you can even learn proactive investing, if trading is not exactly what you’re looking for.

We are committed to teaching the skills one needs to make smarter investment decisions by using the Price Action & VSA, Momentum, Volatility & Time Cycles.

Our stock trading course helps individulas who are interested in learning day trading. We will guide you with professional level skills and strategies. You will understand how to trade and invest in stocks under the mentorship of Mr Bharat. Whether your chosen instrument is commodities, index futures or stock futures, our program will help you to learn to trade based on high probability objective strategies that actually work in the financial markets. Learn options and greeks in a very unique way. Using many hybrid strategies those are different for the traditional ones.

Our trading courses are taught by Mr Bharat Jhujnjhunwala, who has been trading professionally over a decade now. Mr Bharat is now coaching worldwide through Web-based courses and have educated hundreds of traders.

About Bharat

My Name is Bharat Jhunjhunwala and I am a “full time” trader and making a living from this profession.

I am also a vlogger & speaker.

One indicator that enticed me the most was RSI (Relative Strength Index). I found it so powerful that I decided to make it the backbone of my analysis. To study it more deeply I underwent the mentorship of Mr Andrew Cardwell (authority on RSI). I stayed under his guidance for years and started managing portfolios.

As my learning and practical knowledge grew, it started generating income for me. Trading has grown from a curiosity (my wife calls it my obsession) to a part time job through to a fully fledge business in recent times.

In pursuit of learning more I started with CMT (Chartered Market Technician) chartered offered by MTA-USA and completed the program in 2015. But the itch of learning never stopped and I went on further with Certified Financial Technician – CFTe, certification offered by International Federation for Technical Analysts – USA. Also completed MSTA (Masters in Technical Analysis) by STA London.

As my research continued in RSI, I came up with an indicator (a system rather) that enhanced the use. My research was published in the MFTA journal and I was awarded the MFTA certification by IFTA (Gold Standard) in 2017

I have learned so much from my experience of the trading that I started in 2005. I have slowly built my trading into a income source that has enabled me to dedicate more & more time to the profession to the point where I am currently a full time trader – a Pro Trader.

About us

ProRSI is a premium trading mentorship program which helps you trade profitably


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