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Do You Have Unrealistic Expectations From Share Market Courses?

With the idea of having passive income source spiraling fast in the working class groups, more and more people are rooting for share market courses in India. This includes everyone from college students to a 50-year old professional who’s nearing his retirement.

However, needless to say, stock market investment/trading neither is easy, nor does it really assure the consistent flow of passive income. And even enrolling in the best course and having the most qualified expert by your side doesn’t guarantee you anything.

In the same context, if you’re in the same position, here are four signs that you have unrealistic expectations from stock market education India:

You won’t become an expert

Even when you have completed the most advanced share trading courses in India, you’re far from being an expert.

To achieve expert-level proficiency, it all comes more on personal experience over the theoretical knowledge. You need sufficient amount of hands-on experience before calling yourself an expert.

It won’t make you a fortune

Building a solid and sustainable investment portfolio takes time — a lot of time.

It isn’t just about how knowledgeable you are and how efficient your decisions are. It has its own natural course that packs its extensive learning curve.

Share Trading Courses In India

So, if you believe that after completing the course you will “quickly” build a fortune, you’re in for a big surprise. It will take years and even decades. You can’t speed this process by “knowing more”.

You would still need to learn more

These stock market courses will help you only up to a point. Their curriculum will have own limitations.

Besides, you can’t really expect to learn thousands of concepts, ideas, and theories in just a matter of three to six months, can you?

So, even after you have successfully completed the course, you would still need to learn a lot more. And to become a successful stock investor or trader, it’s essential that you keep in learning.

You won’t NOT sustain losses

Just knowing more doesn’t guarantee you ‘no loss’. The movements of the dynamic market don’t care about how much you know or how technically proficient you are.

Even if you think you have championed technical analysis, it’s almost imminent that you will sustain many losses on your journey to the top.

So, don’t lay certain that you will not lose money. Because you will!


Don’t enroll yourself in share market courses in India with unrealistic expectations. Something that so many beginners do. Not only will you be disappointed, but you will also eventually end up losing money in the short-run.

If you want to be a successful stock investor or trader, get yourself in the right training course, don’t stop learning after the course and, most importantly, do invest or trade (and not just think about it).

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