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The premium membership is for Individuals (and groups) who are willing to learn more about stock market operations, thoroughly and from a technical perspective. It includes: Students Stock brokers and sub-brokers Portfolio Managers Financial Institutions High Net Individuals (HNIs) / Ultra High Net Individuals (UHNIs) Custodians and Employees of Mutual Funds Anyone interested in the stock market
We base our research and analysis on Relative Strength Index (RSI), among other technical factors. Our experts use proprietor tool BXTrend, as well as other additional tools like Bollinger Bands, MACD and more.
We update our weekly reports on Indian equities, commodities and Forex market EVERY DAY. The report includes definite pattern formation to help you identify highly profitable trading opportunities.
We prioritize quality over quantity. Our reports are based on intensive research and analysis that aims to educate and help you find profitable trades with no guarantees and gimmicks. So how often members will get the report largely depends on trade setups, which may not appear every day. But we do try to make it daily!
Our watch list includes a collection of only those future contracts that have matured chart patterns and a well-established pattern boundary. Every report will include a watch list that would have new stocks addition over weeks. The details on the stocks as well as Forex, commodities, and indices mentioned on the watch list will give members enough information and time to do their own analysis and make their trading decisions based on their goals, budget and security.
We deal in the following markets: Equities (Only Futures) Commodities Foreign Exchange
YES. Our resources and reports are uniquely designed to cater the distinct needs and requirements of various groups. They include intensive educational contents that would explain to you, among other things, chart patterns. A new market entrant will get to learn a lot from these—from reading chart interpretations to identifying right trading opportunities.
We usually get asked such specific questions from countless traders and groups. ProRSI doesn’t provide personalized assistance, with few exceptional cases, because: Our mission is to educate people about various aspects of technical chart configuration, construction, reading and implementation. Providing specific trading tactics falls outside the numerous jurisdictions of the regulatory authorities. Decisions such as setting stop-loss position depend on multiple factors, including traders’ unique level of capitalization, investment goals, risk-taking ability and more.
Our offerings are highly affordable to everyone when compared to the industry standards. So, NO, we do not offer any trial period for our services.
Aside from selected exceptional cases, the ProRSI membership is non-refundable. It is extremely cost-effective and we offer a lot of useful and timeless resources upfront.
We have a track sheet on the ‘Performance’ page of the website that includes and maintains all the trades.
You can get in touch with Bharat using the form on ‘Contact’ page. Given the number of messages and emails we receive, it’s not always possible to respond to every single one of them individually. But we do try our best! However, to get in personal touch with Bharat, you can follow his Twitter handle @bharatj82.