How Much Money Can You Make as a Stock Trader?

“How much money can I make as a stock trader”—this is the foremost question that almost every new trader asks. And it’s a legit question. After all, few would want to take the hassle and risks of trading when the return isn’t up to the expectations.

Sadly, as straightforward as the question is, its answer isn’t. So if you’re looking for a clear-cut, definite figure, it doesn’t exist. Return from your trade is only as high as your smart strategies. The more calculated and informed your moves are, higher will be the return.

And then experience comes to play its own crucial role. All the mistakes you make and losses you take reshape your trading habits— strengthening your instincts and helping you grow by every passing day.

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Unsurety Always Exist

Minus the dependence on luck and add the need for strategies, trading is like a gamble. Even for the best of traders, it isn’t a sure thing. And it’s not surprising, given the wide range of factors that come into play in the stock market.

Hitting the chords perfectly isn’t mechanical here. To make decisions right, you need to do much more than just read charts, understand technical analysis and champion financial market. You need to bring your own way of thinking and ideas to the table. Liked mentioned already, good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.

Don’t Let Unsurety Stop You

The successful traders aren’t sure either. They just know how to strike a right balance between risk-taking and decision-making—and so can you. All you need to do is follow the trading fundamentals, have a nice risk management strategy, and get your mindset in the right state.


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Of course, you’re going to make mistakes and take big losses. But if you’re consistent and disciplined enough, the profits from your trades will far outweigh your losses, leaving you a solid, high-rewarding and sustainable stock portfolio.

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