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How To Become A Multi-Millionaire Stock Trader?

Let’s pull the big punch line right up front…

The easiest way to become a multi-millionaire stock trader is NOT try to become one.

  1. One, because “million” is still too high of a benchmark that only a handful of traders reach. The idea of becoming a millionaire, “quickly” at that, is too ambitious, unrealistic and ludicrous.
  2. Two, when you’re money-centric, you also become quite emotional, which is more drawn towards pessimism. And when you’re negatively emotional, it’s very difficult to achieve big financial goals.
  3. Three, clichéd as it may sound, stock trading is fundamentally NOT a money-making scheme. It’s just like any other business that involves risks, uncertainty, rewards, and losses.

So, if you want to build a multi-million worth stock portfolio, it’s important that you don’t focus too much on your portfolio’s worth in the first place. The process is everything. Your mindset should be placed effectively on the process itself and not exactly the end result.

This basic approach also helps when you realize the fact that even if you manage to become a millionaire stock trader, it won’t come easy. It will take time, which would demand massive consistency and patience on your end.

That said, there are a few elemental ingredients that will make the process towards the million more rewarding and the journey quicker. Here are three simple tips:

Have a learner’ mindset

Stock market is dynamic with too many factors coming into play. You can never entirely be an expert. You must always evolve your knowledge and understanding to adapt and improve yourself. And this is only possible if you have a learners’ mindset.

Price Action Trading Course

Actively learn every day

Having a learners’ mindset is more to do with passivity. In reality, every day, you must take proactive measures to learn new things and expand your horizon. Read online articles, watch relevant videos, enroll in RSI, options trading courses India, read charts, and analyze the trends.

Surround yourself by the right people

It helps you learn more. It keeps you motivated in your journey. You, as a trader, improve much faster. All, collectively, help you reach your million-dollar goal quickly. So, have the right people around you who share the same ambitions as you. Befriend others, including the experts, when you’re taking options trading courses. Join online communities. Follow the right people on Twitter.

Of course, aside from these three broad tips, you must work very hard and deploy enough patience.


Have long-term goals. It’s essential, in fact, for the stock traders to craft their strategies around. However, solely focusing on your goal and not the process — moreover on goals as ambitious as “multi-million” — is fatal. Because like mentioned, being extremely money-centric paves the way to many flaws that also become your obstacles on your journey to make the money you desire.

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