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Learn Stock Trading: 5 Challenges Beginners Face

It’s a great way to make money, after all. So, millions of people want to be a stock trader.

But then it’s also a challenging way to make money. So, among those who do trade stocks, the majority of them end up with (big) losses.

A big flaw is in the learning phase.

Learning is more than just about reading a few online articles and watching YouTube videos.

Even when you’re armed with the right theories, the practicality of profitable stock trading is quite different.

Here are five challenges beginners face when learning how to trade stocks:

1. Lack of motivation

For many, “I want to become a stock trader” is only a wish. When the time comes to put in the work and make it happen, they often get reluctant and unserious.

These people struggle with motivation a lot.

Moreover, a lot of stock traders also chase just the money. And, in many cases, money isn’t the best motivator.

Lack of motivation results in procrastination, half-baked learning, and inefficient understanding of the concepts.

After all, when there’s so much to understand – FROM something as basic as what is demat account TO something advanced like RSI flare zones – you need a lot of motivation to keep up.

So, above all, make sure you’re trying to become a stock trader for the right reasons. Sure, making money isn’t a bad goal – but trying to become a millionaire in a month is!

The wrong reasons, goals, and mindset will devoid you of the motivation, which you essentially require in learning stock trading.

2. Feeling overwhelmed

Stock trading is much more than just what meets the eyes. And, most importantly, it sure is much more than just buying low and selling high.

There are many basic and advanced concepts to understand. And once you have understood them, you have to execute what you have learned.

Furthermore, the stock market is very dynamic. Things change in minutes. Keeping track of it has its own challenges.

All these combine to easily overwhelm many beginners.

There are too many topics to cover; too many things to do; too many trends to keep track of.

Once overwhelmed with too much information, these new traders eventually go off-track – many of whom stop learning altogether.

The key to this challenge is simple: follow a system.

Have a systematic learning approach that’s progressive at the core. Take one step at a time instead of trying to pace at the top by skipping steps.

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3. Conflicting opinions and tips

There are no definite rules in stock trading. The game isn’t binary.

Different things work differently for different stock traders.

Meaning, the strategy that may have worked for them, it might not necessarily work for you.

This is why it’s quite common to see stock traders and experts have conflicting opinions. One can be giving you a tip that’s completely opposite to the other’s.

This often confuses many beginners. They don’t know whom to follow and whom to listen to.

The challenge is easy to resolve. Aside from knowing the fundamentals of stock trading, you’re better off not following anyone blindly.

It doesn’t mean you don’t consume media or listen to others’ advice. Do that – but do that with a pinch of salt, knowing that this “advice” could be wrong.

Make stock trading decisions based on your own understanding, per your unique needs and goals – not based on someone’s tip and opinion.

4. Relying too much on DIY resources

Admittedly, you can easily find a lot of Do-It-Yourself resources online to learn how to trade stocks online.

However, in reality, not only are they not-thorough and inconsistent, these resources are insufficient.

Moreover, the curated articles and videos also lack a systematic approach and a clear objective that makes the learning process even more tedious.

Even the staunch self-learners can struggle.

So, relying too much on these individual articles, videos and PDFs will help you only so much. They might tell you what to do but not how to do it!

Instead of overly relying on DIY resources, to be more efficient and thorough in learning, it’s an ideal choice to enroll yourself in some stock trading courses that fit your requirements.

These days you can find many such online programs – FROM stock trading course for beginners To best option trading course for the advanced level.

Look around, find a course, and signup.

Having a trainer by your side to teach about stock trading makes the learning so much easier.

5. Setting time-centric goals

You can’t be a very good stock trader in just a month.

The process of learning the game is ongoing. Meaning, it’s continuous and doesn’t stop. Even 10 years from now, you will have to keep learning.

In fact, this is a big mistake many stock traders many. After a point, they stop learning. This put them for a setback in the long-run.

The stock market continuously changes – and your knowledge must keep up with those changes.

Every day you should read the charts, look for emerging trends, consume relevant media, and keep up with the market movements. You need to continuously keep yourself open to learn more and new things.

So, even though many beginners set time-centric goals in their learning process, it’s a mistake. Learning never stops. Establishing this basic fact from the go is important to be clearer on what lies ahead and what you should be doing over the span of months and years.


These are five big challenges that beginners face when learning the basics and advanced concepts of stock trading. Some eventually get back on track, others stay lost, ending with losses and an unsustainable portfolio.

If you want to become a successful stock trader – it’s essential that you have the right approach in the learning process so as to learn better, quickly, and efficiently.

The only reason why profitable stock trading seems so difficult for many is that they haven’t gone through the right learning system. Don’t be one of them!

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