Are you still making less than 10% from the stock markets?

Extracting money from the stock markets is a difficult task! But if you have the right tools with the right mindset this daunting task can get bit easier! In the current month we offered discussion on some of the stocks that were bustling with energy in on the ticker! Some of our recommendations were extra ordinary while some were decent. These two recommendations registered more than 10% increase within a month! These are just a sample from our recommendation population. As posted before one of our recommendations was up more than 26% in just 3 days !!

The underlying message is, if your service provider is giving you recommendation that does not yield more than 5 to 8 % in a month, you need to rethink!!

We recommended L&T Finance Holding and TVS Motor Company to our subscribers during the month! and here is how they shaped up.

L&T Finance Holding – Recommended on 9th Feb 2017:

It was trading at 108.80 at that juncture.

During the month it registered a high of 119.25! More than 10% movement in less than 14 days! What else can we expect! The atm call options were up more than 35%!!

TVS Motor Company : Recommended on 2nd Feb 2017

It was trading at 393.6 at that juncture.

During the month it registered a high of 435.9. Again more than 10% movement in less than 20 days! Again the ATM calls were up more than 40%!

Yes! These types of returns are possible. We have been doing it since long! If you have not managed yet, it is the right time to re consider your advisory or the services you are enjoying currently!

To know what we offer and how, click on the photo link below.

Trade Well!!

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