The Makings of a Super Trader

Ever wondered what makes some super traders, super? Their ingenuities are the main reason of their success. Their quality and ability to think differently makes them earn more money than others. Usually their success is termed as luck, bad market or possibly a dreadful system. However, it’s their eminence which keeps them distinguished from others. They are the outliers in true sense. Some people are incapable of creating and holding large amounts of money, their success is short lived. The knack of managing money is instilled in us right from our childhood. Our parents, siblings, teachers, etc teach us how to think about money, its value and importance. Most people are using programs that they were taught as a young kid. Most people are using programs that they were taught as a young kid. Would you allow a 6- or 8-year-old to run your financial matters? Let me illustrate this to you. Please respond to the following questions with the first thing that comes to your mind. How do you feel about money? When you think about money, what are you focusing on, your opportunities or your debts? When you think about wealthy people, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you believe that there is enough for everyone? Or, do you think there is a zero sum gain? How much do you think you are entitled to? What did you come up with? Now if you believe that there is enough money to go around and there is no limit to your income, you are a super trader. But if you doubt your capabilities or live under the false impression that rich people are dishonest, there is not enough money to go around; you sure are going through some financial problems. I’m sure there’s one question wobbling in your minds, how can you increase your internal capacity for money and success? Let me introduce you to a simple, yet powerful formula. Understanding this formula is the key to your financial success. The formula is: T-> A-> R -> H

Thoughts to Actions.

Actions lead to Results.

Repeated Results Lead to Habits.

To bring a change and improved results, we need to improve the way we think. Our thoughts are the only ways we can bring acquire the desired results. Our thoughts are often influenced by our habits.

1. Verbal: This includes all that has been heard. At our growing phase of life, we hear many things about money which are permanent in our minds. Rich people are greedy. You have to work hard to make money. You can’t be rich and spiritual. Save your money for a rainy day. We can’t afford it. Money doesn’t grow on trees. What am I, made of money? Money doesn’t buy happiness. Money talks. Some fixations are with us forever and we work with them, plaguing our minds.

2. Modeling: This refers to the thoughts influenced by what we see. We often see our parents doing something and idolize those things. We get fascinated with those things and implement them in life even without knowing the reason to do those things. It reminds me of a story. A young bride is preparing a pot roast for dinner. Her husband watches as she carefully cuts each end off the roast before putting it in the roasting pan and placing it in the oven. “Why did you cut the ends off the roast?” he asks. “I don’t know,” she replies, “that’s just the way my mother taught me.” The next time the young woman talks to her mother, she asks about trimming the ends off the pot roast. “I don’t know why,” her mother answers, “but that’s how your grandmother always did it.” On a visit to her grandmother, the young woman asks about the pot roast. “Oh,” replies the grandmother, “I had to do that simply because my roasting pan was too small to fit an entire roast.” This hilarious story epitomizes my point of being unreasonable and doing things ridiculously.

3. Specific Events: Sometimes we associate money with certain events we’ve experienced in life. One of my clients associated money with being very mean and greedy. He associated not having money with being nice and spiritual. We worked on those issues and now he has a new set of programs that serve him. He realizes that money by itself is a form of exchange and that it is neutral. How he deals with it is a choice. Beliefs are neither true or false or right or wrong. They are merely opinions that have been passed down to you from generation to generation. Knowing this, you can choose to release any thought, belief or way of being that is not supportive to your wealth, and replace it with one that is.


You can adopt new and more successful beliefs. Remember, thoughts lead to actions which lead to results. Repeated results lead to successful habits.


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