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Master Trader Program

For those who want to learn technical analysis deeply and make a living out of stock trading. Get the trading edge today.

The Introduction

Master the Basics
Module - 1

l Technical analysis Edge

l Philosophy of Technical Analysis

l Dow Theory & Application

l Inter market Analysis

l Support & Resistance

Module - 2

l Bringing trendlines to practically

l Advance Concepts using Moving Averages

l Choice of Moving Averages

l Pressure Zones & Importance of Slope

l High Probability Trading System

The Step Up Level

Mbf provides for any situation
Module - 3

l Price Action with Candle patterns

l Advanced Candlesticks Charting

l Gaps & Candles

l Heiken Ashi Candles

l Trading with Heiken Ashi Candles

Module - 4

l Fibonacci Techniques

l Important Rations & Usages

l Clustering

l Multiple Timezones Trading

l Using the Fibonacci Levels

Module - 5

l Price Patterns

l Longer Term Price Patterns

l Short Term Price Patterns

l Bar Techniques & Bar Patterns

l Patterns with Momentum

Master the Momentum

The RSI Transform Program
Module - 6

l Overbought & Oversold

l Divergence

l Dual Stochastic & Spread

l Trend Strength Using MACD

l RSI Flare, Time Divergence, Short RSI, RSI Triangles, RSI Compressions, Tops & Bottoms, Signal Conflict, Signal Conflunce. Stop Loss & Position Sizing

Module - 7

l Using Different tools with RSI

l RSI & Super Trend

l RSI & Fractals

l RSI & Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

l Institutional Demand & Supply Zones

Module - 8

l Using RSI for Long Term Investing

l Using RSI for Short Term & Intraday Trading

l Using RSI & Bollinger Bands, WVAP & Supertrend

l Relative Stock & Sector Analysis to pick out high probability trades.

l Introduction to VSA "Volume Spread Analysis"

Master Trader Mentorship

All Modules Above (1-8) & Bonus Modules (9-12)
Module - 9

l The Bollinger Bands

l Trend Identification, Continuation & Reversal using Bands

l Dual Band System with RSI & Using RSI to pick up reversals

l Dual Time frame system using Bollinger Bands

l Using Bollinger Bands & RSI to pick up high probability breakouts

Module - 10

l Introduction to Price Patterns - Bullish Patterns & Bearish Patterns

l VSA in depth

l Market Structure and Behavior - Recognize End of Rising & Falling Markets

l Importance of Fibonacci Rations

l Multiple timeframe Analysis - Understanding Market Framework and taking trades & Stock selection & Time Frame Selection

Module - 11

l The Trend Following 3 Band System enhanced with RSI

l The Volatility Reversal/Pullback System

l Scalping using Volume Spread (Volume Profile) & Price Action with RSI

l ORB (Open Range Breakout System) Enhanced with Option Charts & RSI

l Trading intraday Gaps like pro using Price Action & RSI

Module - 12

l Understanding Greeks

l When to Buy Options & When to Sell?

l Using the IVP & Open Interest

l Introduction to Noiseless Option Charts

l Monthly Income Neutral Strategy with a potential to earn 2 to 3% per month, Directional Strategies, Analyzing the Spread Charts

Module - 13

(Advanced Price Action)

l Wyckoff Institution Curve

l Quantifying Accumulation & Distribution

l Institutional Supply & Demand

l Elements of Price Action

l Quality of a Zone

l Gaps & Traps

l Trend Reversals & Continuation

l Multiple Time Frames & Fractals

l Putting Everything Together

Module - 14

(Time Cycles in Financial Markets)

l Business Cylces & Market movements

l Sam Stovel's Sector Rotation Model

l J.M. Hurst's Cycle

l Principle of Cycles

l Identifying Cycles

l Understanding FLD & VTL

l Anchored VWAP & Cycles

l RSI Cycles

l Seasonality Cycles

Module - 15

l Understanding Relative Strength

l CRS Charts

l Measuring Out Performance & Under Performance

l Understanding RS Divergence

l Understanding RS for Bottom Up Analysis

l Advanced RS Usage - Ratio Charts

l Relative Strength Indicator

l Relative Rotation Graphs (RRG)

Complete Master Trader Program for Rs. 1,00,000*

*including GST 

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