Vastu for Share Market Trading Business

Trading in the stock markets is one of the most challenging businesses. Add to that the complications of tracking the commodity markets, bonds, currency etc. in order to profit from stocks; the task become even more difficult.
Stock trading is a business where one can make money with knowledge, patience, discipline and of course a lot of luck. A trader needs to outsmart 98% of the people in the market to make profits and even survive.

Even after following all protocols and keeping updated with the latest data, most of the traders find it hard to make money in the markets.
The good news is that the ancient science of Vastu Shastra can certainly help individuals become good traders and run a successful trading business.

Following a few Vastu tips for business can help them in attaining the skills they need to be successful in the markets. As per Abhishek Khandelwal, CEO at Anant Vastu, “stock trading like any other business is also governed by certain elements of nature and planets.
The business of trading per say is ruled by the planet Rahu. An intra-day trader is akin to the air element – swift and fast. A long term trader is like the earth element – stable and unmoved.

Thus, if one follows the rules of Vastu to balance the five elements of earth,fire,water,air and space ; one can certainly improve and expand one’s trading business”.

Here he mentions a few Vastu tips for the business of trading:

Vastu sitting position for stock trading

West is considered to be the best direction for sitting for traders. It is the direction which governs all profits and gains one makes in life. Therefore, for a business like stock trading, it’s the ideal direction where one should sit and trade. This is also the best corner in the house for stock trading if one trades from home.

Never ignore the North East direction

The North East of any house or office is one of the most important directions. This is the direction which governs your thinking and analytical skills. All ideas, thoughts and creativity are an outcome of the energies of this direction. Therefore, one must strictly keep this direction free from any Vastu defects.

A toilet in South East disturbs cash flows

Governed by the fire element, this corner of a house or office is responsible for all the cash that you generate from your business. Since the stock trading business is all about cash, it is very important that this direction has no negative energy in the form of a toilet. Even a dustbin kept here can seriously impact the profits and actually lead to losses in the share trading business.

Place a Kamdhenu cow in the East of South East

The East of South East direction in a building is responsible for all the analytical skills that one possesses. As we all know that critical analysis of a stock is absolutely necessary before making a purchase in the markets. Therefore, it is a very important zone for all stock traders. It is recommended to place a Kamdhenu cow in this zone in order to enhance the analytical skills of the traders.
As per the Pauranic story of Samudra Manthan, the Kamdhenu cow was one of the 14 jewels that came out of the ocean while churning it. It is the heavenly cow which is known to fulfil all wishes.
Therefore, placing a Kamdhenu cow in the East of South East can go a long way in increasing the analytical skills and profits for traders.


It is well accepted that trading is a risky business. Not only one needs to be sharp in intellect and knowledge, but also needs a lot of luck. If the trading room or place is well balanced as per the principles of Vastu, it can make the challenges a lot more manageable.
Therefore, one must strictly follow the rules of Vastu to design their trading spaces so that these spaces can vibrate at the highest possible frequencies.

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