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Why Beginners Don’t Enroll In Online Trading Course (And Why They Are Wrong)

“Sign up to a good online trading course” – this is likely one of the highly recommended tips from the pros to the new stock traders. The latter, however, remains reluctant to it.


Despite the seamless benefits of good stock trading courses and endorsements from top names, why are there some new entrants who don’t sign up for them?

Here are five reasons why – and why they are wrong:

1. They think stock trading is easy

Sure, stock trading isn’t very difficult – but it’s far from easy.

Was it easy, we wouldn’t have thousands of traders losing millions of $$$ every day in trading, would we?

Understanding the technical aspects of the game, analyzing the market, identifying newer trends, setting positions, and so much more – these require adequate knowledge and skill. Moreover, they require a mindset of constant learning, as well as resilience and patience.

With the stock market so dynamic, at times, even the pros struggle.

So, if you assume that stock trading is easy, you’re wrong. It’s not!

2. They believe free resources are sufficient

You can find a pool of information online for free. And a handful of them is solid in quality, providing stock traders with high value.

But these free online resources are not sufficient.

Moreover, stock trading isn’t just about what you should be doing. That’s an easy part really! It’s about how you should be doing what you’re supposed to be doing. And this is something that free online resources fail at. They are often incomplete, inconsistent and unsystematic.

On the contrary, stock market courses have a much more systematic approach, taking traders through consistent steps, building their knowledge and skills in an orderly way. This is important!

There’s a lot to learn about stock trading. Not having a thorough and complete system can leave you overwhelmed and fatigued.

So, while they are good to learn from, online free resources are inadequate.

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3. They aren’t as serious as they say

This is quite common. Many people say they want to be a stock trader, and they even trade, but they aren’t serious about it.

They commit to it whenever they get the time.

They don’t spend time, energy and efforts in consuming relevant news, analyzing trends and watching market movements.

So, since not serious about it, it’s only natural that they wouldn’t sign up for any options trading course India.

Understand that building a high-value portfolio requires high commitment.

If you aren’t serious about it, acting only half-heartedly – in conjunction with #1 point that stock trading is not easy – you will end up losing big money.

So, get serious about it and the amount of learning it requires. Enroll in a good online trading course.

4. They undermine the value of good courses

A few beginners undermine the value of stock trading courses. They assume it to be a bad deal for them in money and time. They think it’s all about the theories.

Sure, there are courses that provide mediocre and vanilla information.

However, the acclaimed courses are high in quality, packing rich resources and tools. They are well-organized, taking the traders through every step, providing them with not just plain information but also arming with knowledge of the practical application. Their curriculum includes real-life and latest examples.

So, this notion that online trading courses don’t offer enough value doesn’t hold true.

Provided you have picked the right program and course, you’re assured of enough value.

5. They believe it’s expensive

Admittedly, there are stock trading courses that are expensive that not everyone can afford.

However, in recent times, many individual trainers and institutes have come up, offering very affordable programs.

A handful of them is quite good and reliable. They bring high-value programs at a low cost.

So, your reason that these courses are expensive isn’t valid today. Spend some time in doing research, find a good course, and sign up for them.


These are five reasons why, despite being recommended by the experts, many new market players avoid signing up for any online trading course. In most of the cases, they are wrong.

Don’t be one of them!

If you’re a new stock trader, finding the right guidance can be a game-changer for you.

The right course and trainer can steer you to the right direction, enabling you with ample of tools and resources to make better decisions and be better at stock trading.

Bharat Jhunjhunwala is one of the well-renowned stock trading trainers, playing a favorite mentor to hundreds of beginners and pros. His stock trading courses are market-wide acclaimed that have helped many traders build a high-worth portfolio. His courses focus on technical analysis, ensuring the traders are adequately skilled and equipped with the right technical knowledge and tools.

For more information about Bharat Jhunjhunwala and his stock market courses, please contact.

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