CPAT (Comprehensive Price Action Techniques) HINDI:

By: Bharat Jhunjhunwala MFTA, CMT, MSTA, CFTe

This program is intended to provide a Head start on knowledge in Price Action Techniques. This is a 10-hour program that guides the attendees through various details into price action.

Here's what you will learn:

1) Introduction to Price Action

2) Understanding the institutional Curve by using Wyckoff's Law of accumulation & distribution

3) How to quantify accumulation & distribution

4) The Crux of Dow Theory & making it tradeable.

5) Understanding Demand & Supply

6) Understand institutional levels, where the smart money is sitting.

7) Understanding Traps & Fake outs

8) Understanding the AOI of Institutions

9) Getting into elements of Price Action

10) Candles & using the candles to mark various zones

11) Understanding the Quality of Zones & Pace of Move

12) Gaps: Outside Gaps, Inside Gaps, Morning gaps, Recognising gaps & trading with them.

13) Reversal & Trend Trading

14) Trend Analysis

15) Using Multiple Timeframe

16) Creating Trading bias & time frame alignment

17) Price Fractals

18) Risk Management & Portfolio management.

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Other Important Information:


The program is delivered In an encrypted video format which will play with our media player. The videos are PC locked & phone locked.

The validity of the program is for 1 year.

Right now, the videos will run only on a Windows System (10 and above will be better) & An android phone (Mac & iPhones are not supported)

These are self-Learning Programs.

It takes a maximum of 24 hours to deliver the program post enrolment. All the details will be delivered to your registered email address.

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