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About Bharat

Hi, I am Bharat Jhunjhunwala and I work as a Technical Analyst and Financial Marketing Strategist.

Being a post-graduate in Financial Management with MFTA, CMT, and MSTA what I learned was equity trading is the most profitable career aspect one can choose to gain financial freedom. What enticed me most was RSI (Relative Strength Index), I found it so powerful that I not only decided to make it the backbone of my analysis but also underwent the mentorship of Mr Andrew Cardwell (authority on RSI). I stayed under his guidance for years and started managing portfolios.

With my years of experience in stock trading I started out ProRSI with the aim of teaching people the same. Our courses have been precisely curated in such a manner that anyone can learn about the easy as well as the complex parts of the stock market.

Come Join us to not just become a trader but a Pro-trader!

We don’t teach Technical Analysis  – We make Traders.

About Us

ProRSI commenced over a decade back in the year 2010 under the mentorship of Mr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala with the vision of leading the way in global financial education in India. At ProRSI we sincerely believe that the power of financial education beholds the ability to transform lives.

Started with a two-member team ProRSI has now grown into a team of 200 active traders who constantly generate income from financial markets.

Our unique strategies and hands-on training will make you a pro in Short Term Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading of stocks.

We are here to hone your skills so that you make smarter investment decisions by using the Price Action & VSA, Momentum, Volatility & Time Cycles.

With our world-class research, it will be easier for investors to gain knowledge on various assets classes (Stocks, Commodities, Forex & Crypto).

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