What is master trader programme?

The Master Trader Programme trains you as a mentee on advanced techniques of Technical Analysis. The programmme, also helps you to get a better grip of chart analysis and also assists you in learning the various methods of price action & the usage of advanced technical studies as supporting tools to trade the markets. This course is precisely designed for people who are familiar with the essentials of technical analysis & want to delve further into the subject on a regular & integral basis. You can easily gain knowledge on how to trade in different market conditions using various strategies. You will also be able to plan your trades and take various trading positions accordingly. The programme focuses on putting together studies to plan positional, swing & intraday trades. With the help of positional, swing & intraday trading you can easily create an income source. We help you in refining your existing skills set in Technical Analysis & integrating it into your work process to improve profitability & reduce risk as in the end financial intelligence pays off.

Who can attend?

Anyone who want to earn profitably trading the financial markets.

  • Understanding the basics Module 1 & 2
  • Step up level Modules 3,4 & 5
  • Master the Momentum Modules 6, 7,8
  • The Pro-Stage
  • Bonus
  • Other benefits
  • Delivery

Master Trader FAQ


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